Me and my uncle

my uncle came over for Thanksgiving and I've never seen him or talked to him so I decided to interview him.

Interview with my Uncle

In this interview, we discuss my uncles childhood memories, with his move to America from Korea. We talk about the loss of tradition and culture from the move along with the LA riots.

Service Learning

I am interviewing my uncle, Jonathan Huynh, who is 36 years old and this is a recording of the things he has done in life.

Anne Sarewitz & Molly Swain

Anne's roots to The Mount run deep. Starting around the age of 10 when her family would come here to listen to her 80 yr old grandmother, Eusebia Parker, entertain the old folks to becoming a two-time board member. Her...

interview with my uncle

i interviewed my uncle but I lost that recording. bro this wack app literally made me lose a 45 minute conversation.if I get a bad grade on this assignment I’m actually gonna drop out because that was a dope conversation.


My Fathers family does not visit the U.S often. Once Covid-19 began it became much harder to see his side of the family. This year, his brother came to visit and I was able to find out more about what...