My name is Yejun Sohn. I am 16 years old and today I interviewed my father. we discussed about his indirect/direct experience on the topic of the Korean War

Faith Martin and Lisa Tanner

Faith Martin (48) and One Small Step partner Lisa Tanner (55) discuss their concerns about political polarization, how we can make political dialogue more productive, and the power of Gen Z.

Zach McGuffey and Chase Wakelin: War in the Middle East

Zach recalls his horrifying experiences during the War in Afghanistan and touches on some of its effects on troops returning home.

Walter Harvey and Mary Frantz

Walter Harvey (64) and One Small Step partner Mary Frantz (60) define their political values, talk about a range of issues from gun control to abortion access, and how their personal experiences have shaped their convictions.

Food interview with Grandpa

I asked my grandpa questions regarding who he eats with, where he eats, his relationship with food, his culture, traditions, and personal history in relation to food.