Patrick O’Brien and David Wilkes

David Wilkes interviews his Grandfather, Patrick O’Brien about his immigration to the US, his service in the Vietnam, his career and family.

December 19, 2018
A Social Worker’s Journey to Serving America’s Heroes

A social worker from the Department of Veterans Affairs shares his fondest memories and talks about his path to becoming a social worker as well as his experiences with the We Honor Veterans program and how he became chair of...

Veterans project

My grandfathers military experience and how it shaped his life. We talks some about his childhood too because he grew up in a military family.

Jordan Purkiss and Wade Purkiss

My interview with my father who bravely served two deployments in the Iraq War.

Veteran for a father

This story is me and my step father a man who’s been there for me even during the war, and after, he tells his story and depiction of Afghanistan and helps me to understand how great of a man he...

Coal Ewings and Wallace Cloud Interview

I am interviewing my great grandfarher about his time serving in the military.

NFL kneeling

Interview on his point of view on the NFL kneelings

Faron Osborne an army veteran.

I interviewed Faron Osborne my father, who is a U.S army veteran.