Vietnam war Interview

Interview about the Vietnam war and what life was like. And what it was like to fight in the war and to live it.

Josh Marchant Vietnam War interview with his grandfather, Randy Marchant

Randy Marchant is my grandpa, he was born in 1945. Topics such as his time in college, the draft process, and his stories are talked about.

vietnam interview

In this interview I interviewed my grandfather who served in the Vietnam war from 1968-1969.

Vietnam interview with my grandpa

Dale Linton, 79 years old. talked about the war and his experiences with it.

An Interview on an Airforce vet Stationed in Taiwan

Hey! My name is Tanner Duvall, and I'm a dual enrollment highschool student. I'm 17 years old. This is a short 30 minute interview I did with my grandpa, Gary Kelly. We go over some topics relating to basic training,...

Stella Forster and Thuy Mitchell

Stella Forster interviews her grandmother Thuy Mitchell about how different life is between Vietnam and Kansas.

Ron Williams and Barbara Feinberg

One Small Step partners Ron Williams (52) and Barbara Feinberg (81) exchanges stories that humbled them, lessons from parenting, and fears about the future of their country.

Interview with Uncle Ted (Mr. Edward Holland) about my father, Pearlis Leon “Wash” Washington
December 24, 2022 App Interview

Maythinee Washington interviews her "Uncle Ted" (Edward Wilcox Holland, Jr., Esq), the best friend of her father, Pearlis "Wash" Washington (CMSGT, Air Force) about their friendship: how they met, and their adventures together from Thailand to Hawaii.