Grandfather Interview (Vietnam Vet)

We talk about his childhood, time in Vietnam, and events that took place during these times

Tai Tan Bui, a certified Vietnam Hero

This is the life of the Vietnam Hero, my dad, Tai Bui. We shared some laughs, tears, and a lot of “Wow I did not know that”‘s. This man has an incredible immigration story and has gone through so much...

The Sassy and Classy Life of My Grandpa

In this interview created on May 20th, 2019, in Lafayette, CO, Aidan Stevens learns about the story and lifestyle of his grandfather, Thomas. Tom describes his childhood and life story as a catholic, republican American living in the post-Depression era....

France vs US

This interview was conducted at the interviewees house, in Erie Colorado on May 20th 2019. Kara Jensen is interviewing her french mother about growing up in France, about moving to the United States, and about historical events that occurred in...

The Fall of Saigon

The Fall of Saigon was when the communists in Vietnam were fighting against the non-communists. Many people tried to escape this time and went through many hardships.