Grandpa Norm Juster World War 2 Story

Grandpa Juster tells us about the events leading to him enlisting, what his time in the Navy was like and how it was to return.

Seymour “Sy” Reitman tells the story of his World War II experience in the battle of “The Bridge at Remagen", Germany.

In March of 1945 Remagen was the last bridge standing across the Rhine, all the others having been destroyed by German forces. A pivotal World War II event, the battle to protect the bridge from destruction by German forces allowed...

World War II veteran

WWII veteran talking briefly about his experience during battle of the bulge.

Jane 1 – Suzanne’s Birth, Jane’s Childhood and Early Adulthood

Jane begins with the story of her daughter Suzanne’s birth. She then shares about her early life.