THTR 3300 class section 70 StoryCorps assignment

Daniel and I

questions for my boyfriend btw the day later he asked me to marry him for real.

Growing up & School

Today I had interviewed my boyfriend. I had asked him a series of questions about him growing up and about his school.

Theater Project

Interviewing my boyfriend after having a few drinks. He never opens up to me so I wanted to see what he would say!

Henry’s interview

Asking my boyfriend about thanksgiving, why and who he’s thankful for.

Lamb_Madison Week 3 Interview

This is a conversation I had with my boyfriend of 2 years who stepped in as a father figure for my son.

My classmates interview

Answers questions about the life of the person or know something of the person

Interview with Jake Moser

I did this interview with my boyfriend, Jake Moser. We chatted about things like ambitions, school, memories, and other random things.

Martin Zajanc and Carolyn Beecher

Martin Zajanc [no age given] talks with his girlfriend, Carolyn Beecher (65), about his multiple trips to Alaska where he was able to connect with nature and learn more about himself.