“Experience life in the eyes of a 11 year old,” Mya Mcleod, recorded in an interview with her cousin, Jade Bayones

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2021, Jade Bayones, interviews her cousin, Mya McLeod,11, about her experiences growing up and as an adolescent in 2021. Mya shares her experiences with her parents, school, and her relationship with her siblings....

Tuck Greene and Nancy Thomas talk about what it was like growing up

This interview was made on November 25, 2021 in Greenville, South Carolina. Tuck greene and Nancy Thomas talk about Nancys childhood and what it was like growing up for her. And also getting to learn what she did back then...

The Life of a Teen in 2021: an interview between Laney Schrepferman, a professional adolescent, and her older sister, Katie Schrepferman.

In this interview, Katie Schrepferman, an education major working to learn more about adolescent psychology, interviews her younger sister, Laney Schrepferman. Laney is a young woman growing up in the city of Royal Oak, Michigan, and she is 16 years...

A Cousin Interview Insight From Ryne Hollenitch, An Older Millennial.

On April 19th 2021 in Anaheim Hills, California Jazmin Barker (F25) talks with her older cousin of 10 years, Ryne Hollenitch (M35) on what it was like growing up in his shoes. With a bachelors in history he has gone...

Kathy Shepard and Alanna Shepard

Mother and daughter duo, Kathy Shepard [no age given] and Alanna Shepard [no age given], recall some of their interesting family history, the travels they've completed together and a few of Alanna's favorite things.

Nana and Me

My grandma talks about her childhood and becoming a parent. She also talked about my father and his life growing up with a younger brother.