My Mom and Her Life

Here Nico, 16 years old, interviews. This is about my mom (51) and her life before and during covid. She first talks about her growing up and life lessons she’s learned. Then she talked about her life in the military...

Grandfather and grandson discuss the Vietnam War.
November 28, 2017 App Interview

Curtis Kukal interviews his grandfather Curt Brannan about his time in Vietnam as a Navy chaplain. Curt was stationed with the first bn 3 mr USMC.

“Those 8 years made me who I am today.”

What it was like to travel as a kid in a moving home, his experiences in the airforce, and raising kids while working extremely hard for his daughters and wife.

Thanksgiving listen – Dave Gohman

We talked about his life as a child and growing up, we also talked about what the war was like and his role in it.

US Korean War Veteran: Life, Work, and Lessons

During the November 26th interview with Mr. Marshall, we talked about his family’s origins, growing up in a small town, his childhood life, adult life, work life, and experiences in the military. He described how his life was affected by...