An interciew with my friend Carrie

Carrie introduced me to two movies, three songs and favorite sports.We also planned our next trip together.

A Cousin Interview Insight From Ryne Hollenitch, An Older Millennial.

On April 19th 2021 in Anaheim Hills, California Jazmin Barker (F25) talks with her older cousin of 10 years, Ryne Hollenitch (M35) on what it was like growing up in his shoes. With a bachelors in history he has gone...


Interview of my sister, age 16. Discussed some of her hobbies, goals, and outlook on 2020

My sisters

I interviewed my sisters on how their lives are during covid, and some personal questions as well.

Bailey and Madilynn’s exchange of the words

In this interview, we were convinced as a nation that Madilynn is god. She talks about her favorite teacher and he time spent in college.

The Great Thanksgiving listen of Juan Orozco

We mostly talked about ny dads life and how he lived through it. We also talked a little about how he is now and his current life.