God's Work Echoing Throughout Time

Contrary to the way most older women are portrayed in books and movies, Mrs. Eady (80) is a fascinating lady easy to like and understand, as well as a fun person with whom to talk. Mrs. Eady and Faith Marshall...

Interview w/Dad

Interview from 1/19/21; just getting to know about my dad

Musings with my Nana

I talked about life with my nana and what it was life for her growing up!

Virendra Pal Singh Gill: Retired Indian Army General

Virendra Gill (74) has a deep conversation with his granddaughter, Keya Dutt (12) about life in the Indian army and in India.

Aidan Eubanks interviews Sam Eubanks about his past, present and future!

Sam Eubanks on 1/5/2020 in Fortmill South Carolina was interviewed by Aidan Eubanks. During the interview Sam Eubanks describes his regrets on life and the things he most cherishes. Sam Eubanks also give advise on never giving up, working hard...

Kenneth Haygood, December 2019

Margo asks Ken about growing up, career, parenting, etc.