March 18, 2018 app
SHIRLEY influencial person

My mother talks about an influential person in her youth and what that person taught her.

3.17.18 – Catherine Emi Noring

2 1/2 years later and we made a new interview!! Today, we found our first one and was inspired to record another. We hope we can do these more often and with our children one day!

March 18, 2018 app
Adriane’s First interview

Interviewing Adriane after 18 years of knowing her.

March 18, 2018 app

Addressing stereotypes about Christianity.

March 18, 2018
Interview with my Grandma: The Early-Life Crisis

In this interview you will find me interviewing my grandmother about her early life and how she dealt with the struggles that followed. Such includes the communist party taking over her country, her immigration to America, and much more. Listen...

March 18, 2018 app
Being Colombian in America

This is an interview with my roommate, Sara. She is a senior in college who has lived in Florida since she was four years old. She explains what it is like being Colombian in America!

March 18, 2018 app
Interview -Jimenez & Gomez

Interview Questions for the Discussion Project

March 18, 2018 app
Interview English class

This is an interview of an architect and how she thinks about her profession