December 18, 2018 app
Memories from 98 years ago

My great grandma (98), my mom (55), and I (15) have a conversation in my grandma’s living room in Garland, Texas. The date is November 22, 2018. (Thanksgiving day.) Mamaw talked to us about her childhood, her job, her pets,...

December 18, 2018 app
Tridad and Amira’s Podcast

Trinity and I talking about the Selection series

December 18, 2018 app
Brittany answers

Interviewing friends

December 18, 2018 app
Best friend

Getting to know my bestfriend better and letting you guys know more about her and where she comes from.

December 18, 2018 app
A Peak into Memories

I interviewed my mom to get a better understanding of her childhood and how it related with who she has become

December 18, 2018 app
Interview with my Mother

We talked about her life experiences, happiest and most difficult moments, and her career.

December 18, 2018
Reality of Latinx Community

I decided to interview my cousin who is currently attending Cal State LA and is studying Chicano Studies. Growing up I’ve always heard her talk about the Latinx community and know that she’s very passionate about this topic. I really...

December 18, 2018 app
Interview with Steve Meihaus

We talked about military life and a lot of the stuff that being in the military brings, As well as advice for people maybe wanting to go into the military.

December 18, 2018 app
Vietnam from Grandpa

First part of interview with Thomas O’Toole