Sarah Abdelhay and her father, Abdelhay Abdelhay, talk about the impact 9/11 and coronavirus had on his life.

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2021, in Flushing Michigan, Sarah Abdelhay (15) interviews her father, Abdelhay Abdelhay (57), about the experiences he faced during major historic events throughout his life. Abdelhay shares how he grew up in a...

Jo Seiden and Styra Goldblatt

Styra Goldblatt: 2021-11-27 23:03:33 Jo Seiden (72) is interviewed by her granddaughter, Styra Goldblatt (16), about her childhood and family life, teenage years, and her years of parenting. Jo talks about her favorite memories, the role of religion in her...

StoryCorps Connect Nov 27 2021 8:59 pm

This was 2 days after thanksgiving, and I wanted to ask my friends a couple questions about their life and how they viewed our friendship. The person I interviewed was Preston Luu

Marius Gherovici: To live, to survive, and a search for new home.

Marius Gherovici (94) talks about his family and his experience pre, present, and post World War II. His experience as being an Ethnic Jew during the German occupation of Romania, and his life during his time of the Romanian Chisnau...

Berta Alcantar, Secrets to a Healthy Life

Berta Alcantar (46) talks about the relationships she's built over time, ways to cope with failed friendships and lovers, as well as how to remain hopeful despite all the hurt.

Aisha Fayne and Charlie Granberry

Aisha Fayne: 2021-11-27 17:54:14 Aisha Fayne (43) talks with grandmother Charlie Granberry (80 something) about the Fitzhugh family legacy, including Bird's Eye frozen foods and a letter to President Roosevelt.


Ed douma (75) discusses a lot of topics with his grandchild, Finnegan Douma (13). the main topic said in the interview was about Eds childhood. he talked about his journey from the Netherlands to Canada and told stories about his...

Bob Palazzo with daughter-in-law Lynn Harrelson Palazzo

Bob Palazzo shares the pivotal decision to return to college after dropping out and serving three years in the United States Army and how that choice changed the trajectory of his life and the lives of his three sons.