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Granddad’s Life In The Army- with Ellie Herndon

I am Ellie (12) and I am interviewing my granddad (75). He is one of the most resilient people I know, and we will be talking about his life in the army.

Steve Abid and Jany Avalos

In a captivating dialogue, retired educator Steve and current GRCC employee Jany delve into Steve's illustrious career trajectory and post-retirement experiences, emphasizing the significance of teaching and the invaluable skill of intuition in decision-making.

Sue Lockwood and Jany Avalos

Retired educator Sue and current GRCC employee Jany reflect on Sue's career and retirement, exploring the profound impact of her teaching on both individuals and the community. They discuss Sue's journey, highlighting the lasting legacy she leaves behind through her...

Sarah Farnham and Mike Farnham

In this interview Sarah Farnham asks her dad Mike Farnham questions about his time in the coast Gaurd and his childhood

Ethnographic Interview With A Catholic Campus Minister

Ethnographic Interview about religion and college campus outreach. Conducted by River Moon, an undergraduate college student. I asked the participant about her past/current work as well as her personal relationship with the Catholic faith. We chose to keep the participant...

Grace Gao Interview

Grace Gao, PhD, DNP, RN-BC, LHIT-HP, is an ANCC certified Informatics Nurse and public health nurse. She earned her PhD in Nursing and DNP in Nursing Informatics and Integrative Health from the University of Minnesota. Grace is currently an associate...