Elena Ferreira's life in Mexico and what led her to the United States.

I interview my grandmother about her life in Mexico and what influenced her in emigrating to America, as well as how she got here.

"Las personas van a ser mas abiertas al hablar con una persona que se mire como ellos, que habla como ellos."

Faith Estrada is a home visitor at Cooperative Health in Columbia, South Carolina, which is also a Parents as Teachers affiliate. In this StoryCorps, Faith shares her experience as bilingual home visitor and explains how her own personal life and...

Juana Arenas de la Riva and Manuel Barragan Arenas

Juana Maria Arenas de la Riva (66) is interviewed by her son Manuel Barragan Arenas (33) about growing up with her grandparents in México, immigrating to the U.S. and her teenage years in California.

Immigration change throughout the years

We talk about her experience and issues regarding immigration now and immigration during the ’90s when my aunt first got here. translation Q: when first arriving what did you think that you would stay in this new country for a...

Mi Historia

Fernando Mora speaks a little about his life before coming to the US and what it was like when he got here. He also speaks about his stance on the potential change the immigration policy.

Jose and Cesar talk about the Cuban Missile Crisis and Venezuela

My grandfather was 10 years old when the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred with the US. So, I decided to ask him about the event and communism itself since he was so close to where it was happening. We also spoke...

Carlos Arante – A Nursing Student in William Patterson

In this interview, I talk to my brother (and his girlfriend) about his experiences as an undergrad student and what advice he would give to himself on his career, friendships, and education.

Growing up Cuban In North Jersey

My father and I discussed the experiences we had growing up in the same home town. We focused on what being Cuban meant to us here and how it is dificult to maintain culture as imigrant families continue to exist...

Interview with Kenya Campos: An Undocumented Mother of Three

In this interview I talk with Kenya Campos, a family friend, about her childhood in Mexico, her journey to the United States, the struggles her family has faced in regards to their current immigration status and her fears as wells...


For our assignment for global Arizona I interviewed my father Leonardo Garcia