Evan Long and Jose Salgado

Evan Long (35) shares a conversation with his friend, Jose Salgado (56), about education in the United States and Honduras. They also discuss the role of prayer, spirituality, and hope.

Guadalupe Arreola and Ericka Jaramillo

Los colegas Guadalupe Arreola (39) y Ericka Jaramillo (31) hablan sobre su experiencia como médicos, los desafíos del covid-19, y la importancia de hablar y planificar para el final de la vida. [Colleagues Guadalupe Arreola (39) and Ericka Jaramillo (31)...

Javier Solorzano and Olimpia del Socorro Solorzano

Olimpia del Socorro Solorzano (72), a two-time breast cancer survivor, shares her story with son Javier Alexander Solorzano (37) on how she found faith and fortitude in the most challenging moments of her life.

Jimena & Juana – Millas aparte, recordando la unidad.

Juana (38) habla con su hija Jimena ( 16) sobre los recuerdos de su infancia. Juana(38) talks to her daughter Jimena( 16) about her childhood memories.

Geronima Lopez, Marcos Monterroza, Marga Biller, and Mia "M.R." Raquel

Geronima Lopez (64) conversa con su hijo, Marcoz Monterroza (25), y sus amigas, Marga Biller (63) y Mia "M.R." Raquel (25), sobre su viaje de Guatemala a Estados Unidos. [Geronima Lopez (64) talks with her son, Marcoz Monterroza (25), and...

Aureliano Gonzalez and Stephanie Gonzalez

Aureliano Gonzalez(43) talks with his daughter, Stephanie Gonzalez (14) about his life growing up, living through a global pandemic and how the life he’s living right now was never the life he was expecting to live.