Public Speaking Final Interview Assignment
December 13, 2023 App Interview

In this recorded interview with my close friend, we delved into various aspects of his life. He shared insights about his work, family, school, and childhood experiences, providing a comprehensive overview of his journey. Additionally, the interview explored our friendship...

My Interview with Ryan Pearson

During this interview I learned a lot about my friend Ryan that I didn’t know before the interview. It was good to sit down and have a interesting conversation with a friend without any technology interfering. I also learned a...

Recording – 07-22-2023 21:21:19

A brief discussion was had with my little sister, Laken. We talked about a specific life changing experience she has had recently. These new plans that have been shifted due to her recent travels and experiences that we discussed in...

SPH 106 DS

Sarah (29) interviewing with Deanna (23) about life: regrets, lessons, and what she is grateful for.


The interview is on a friend named, Ryan Kim. He is a student in Auburn University and is 19 years old. We talked about his job, family, and other personal matters.

Intervew with roommate/bestie

Sally Spearman interviewing her roommate and best friend Cydney Barbee. Discussing life, memories, goals, etc.

Interviewing My Roomate
December 8, 2022 App Interview

hello I decided to interview my Roomate about his college life and what it’s like to live in our apartment.

Cole Blackwell – Story Teller

Trent and Cole dive into his moment of fame on YouTube from a story he wrote a few years ago. We talk about what inspired him and what the story entailed.

Interviewing My Best Friend
December 5, 2022 App Interview

I chose to do this interview on my best friend because we have been friends for over 14 years. We are super close and have been though some rough patches but also the best times in my life. My best...