Eduardo Cua Jr, Eduardo Cua III, and Xavier Kushi.

Eduardo Cua Jr (49) discusses the misconceptions and ideas of Hawaii from the perspective of someone who lived on both the U.S. Mainland as well as in Hawaii.

C. Santos – Processo de Inmigración

En esta entrevista estoy entrevistando a César Santos sobre su historia de inmigración a los Estados Unidos. César Santos es mi padre y tiene 41 años.

Adrian Aguilar and Liliana Campos De Aguilar

adrian aguilar: 2023-05-15 04:14:50. Adrian Aguilar (22) talks with his mom, Liliana Aguilar (43) about language in our family.

interview with ky

this is an interview of wilder, fiona, and forest interviewing ky for our ethnic studies class. we discussed many lgbtqia+ topics and history, as well of what ky is doing now in his life.

Tawdra and Colin interview

this interview was between Colin and Tawdra. Tawdra is my tutor and she has been my babysitter since I was one, and we discussed about her adulthood, beliefs, and childhood.

Gramps Interview- Escaping Prison

The participants in this interview is my Grandfather Rene Robert Estrada he is 68 years of age and his grandson James Hunter 24 years of age (Interviewer). This is a small interview with my Grandfather about where he is from...

mom Storycorps essay

My name is Tyler Badame, 20, and I interviewed my mother, Shawn Badame, 49. We discussed the following questions: What are you proudest of in your life? (Best Questions) How has your life been different than you had imagined? (Best...