StoryCorps Interview Project With My Mom

Mother and daughter reflect on past memories together and share inspirational stories with one another as they learn more about each individual and what is was like grow and live in a loving, God-filled relationship.


We talked about how the pandemic affected her, her family and how she coped with the situation, what she did to support herself as well as what she wants to do when the pandemic ends

2,372 Miles Apart

Two sisters discussed the hardships and successes of living apart


His name is Miguel, he likes to be with his mother, he is 16 years old, he is a student and works and more questions about him and things like his best memory his favorite person

Addison Hansen and Ashley Crocker

This interview was about how the pandemic affected a teacher and what happened during the pandemic


We talked about different memories in life and our friendship

Interview 123

My mom said she wanted me to be successful enough to give my children a comfortable life. She would hate to have me or my children have to get up at 4 in the morning to break their back.  She...