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I, Laura Estela Gonzalez (21), interview my mom, Ana Laura Malagon (44). This interview is in Spanish and I ask my mom about her life story. It contains her childhood in Mexico, then her teenage years, and her adult life...

Hugh Marasa's Life Stories and Advice

Hugh Marasa (61) talks with his son Alec Marasa (17) about his life experiences and what he has learned from them. He covers his job, aspirations as a young adult, and being a parent of two.

The Struggles of Immigrating to A New Country

Brandon Marina: 2022-12-01 06:38:43 This is an interview of me and my mom and the story of how they immigrated and the struggles they faced. My hope is that anyone watching can see that it is possible and you too...

The Great Listen 2022.
November 30, 2022 App Interview

Jesus Blanco(15) talks with his mom, Maria (49), about her life and their family history.

Finn Nelson interviews his dad Greg Nelson

In this interview, Finn Nelson interviews his dad Greg Nelson about life and inspiration. They talk about his life and how he got to where he is now.

Father and Son Conversation

Ali Alesedi (16) is having a conversation with his father Tamam Alesedi (46). The topics talked about is parenting, love, life, and hopes for the future.

Family Interview
November 30, 2022 App Interview

I interviewed my father Quang Le, who’s currently 53 years old.

Ryan Anderson 11-29-22

Ryan Anderson, 80, started running with Tom Pinckard and others in 1976. He ran with the group, which obtained the name "Alamo Crazies" in the late 70s, until 1987 when a back inury kept him from running any more. He...

Emry Lopez and Misty Dahlin talk about life and the joys in it

Emry Lopez (16) and his mom, Misty Dahlin (42) talk about happy and sad moments in life. They also discuss important and lessons and memories from past generations. The events take place in Tucson, Arizona as well as some other...