Too new friends

Kari and Juan Carlos are new friends that bond together through this refreshing experience.

Mentor to mentee

My mentor Ferdinand shares his life experiences and life tid bits he would like to pass on to me.

A tale of two brothers

Me and my brother Marco have a nice chat about life and other sentimentalities.

Grace Marie Fierro

My mom perserved through many challenges to become the strong independent woman she is today.

Alexandria Nichole Engel

Distractions in life keeping you away from one needs to be done for your overall happiness.

Ann’s life

My mom talked about the dumbest thing she did and who her favorite child was and how her personality was when she was a child

Interview with mom

We discussed about her childhood, painfull moments in her life and who she admired

The Great Listen

In this interview I talk to my grandpa about his military life, careers, my parents, and some fun stories along the way.

Practice Interview

Aliya and Rebecca talk about there past memories as a child.