Growing up in Colorado

My mom, Susan Tukaczynski (49), and her childhood growing up in Littleton, Colorado.

Jackie Hibbard and Nicole Lamarche

Colleagues Rev. Jackie Hibbard (56) and Rev. Nicole Lamarche (44) reflect on their calls to ministry, the challenges their community has faced in the last few years, and the values of their progressive church.

Jerilyn DeCoteau and Rick Williams

Colleagues and friends, Jerilyn DeCoteau (74) and Rick Williams [no age given], discuss the term "indigenous" and its implications regarding identity and tribal sovereignty. Both also speak about the benefits and services meant for individuals who are members of sovereign...

Pedro Silva and Kelly FitzSilva

Married couple, Kelly FitzSilva (46) and Pedro Silva (48), discuss religion, identity, and adversity. Pedro and Kelly navigate conversation interweaving their relationships to themselves, each other, and spirituality — noting both the beautiful and difficult aspects.

Jyotsna Raj and Indra Raj

Jyotsna Raj (71) speaks with her daughter Indra Raj (37) about Hindu faith and belief in God. Indra speaks about not believing in God, her concerns about organized religion, and how she aims to live a moral life. Jyotsna describes...

Suzane Aubrey and Kymberly Dakin

One Small Step conversation partners Suzanne "Sue" Aubrey (66) and Kymberly "Kym" Dakin (66) talk about their families, writing books, health and healthcare, and how their own Democrat side of the aisle frustrates them.

Impact of Sports on People

The interviewer is William Clem age 26 and the interviewee is Jennifer Clem age 51. The relationship between the two is mother and son and the topic discussed was impact of sports on people.