Kellsie Forfar-Jones's Involvement in Community Engagement and Advocacy in the Urban Planning of Denver, Colorado

Valerie DeLeon (she/her) chats with Kellsie Forfar-Jones (she/her), Public Engagement Planner with Denver Regional Council of Governments, about what drew her to the field of urban planning, her passion for uplifting community voices, and what the future of Denver may...

Adam Cabrera

Adam Cabrera. 32 Years in Clinical Mental Health in the Denver Area. He has been a counselor at Denver Health, and currently is a Clinical Coordinator at Denver Recovery Group.

David Becker and Duaina Baldridge

Duaina Baldridge (74) interviews her friend David Becker (72) about memories of his wife Cynthia, who passed away seven years ago.

Bob Kuusinen conversation with his son Matt

Bob Kuusinen interviewed by Matt Kuusinen talking about kids, grandkids, and career in June 2023 in Denver.

Raija Maddock, Tami Owen, and Robert Maddock

Raija Maddock (82) talks with her niece Tami Owen (49) and her husband Robert Maddock (89) about her life in Finland and how came to settle in the United States.

Terri Oliger and Pearl Casias

One Small Step partners Pearl Casias (79) and Terri Oliger (51) share a conversation about their lives growing up, the importance of self-reliance, and playing the role of matriarch in their extended families.

Susan Sheeran and Kristin Davila

Kristin Davila (40) interviews her colleague, Susan Sheeran (79), about her experiences and contributions serving for the nonprofit Merced Housing Texas. They also talk about housing conditions, culture shock, community advocacy, and shared memories of San Antonio, Texas.