Larry & Bill

Bill & Larry tell the story of how they met, discuss the importance of finding a supportive community in Ferndale, Michigan, and reflect on how things have changed for the LGBTQ community over the last 50 years.

Jodi Ford interviews father Greg Ford about growing up in a small town and how it’s affected his life.

During the interview Greg Ford talks about how growing up in small town Ferndale influenced his life choices. Throughout the interview you’ll learn about life growing up in a small town. Jodi Ford asks her father Greg Ford if he...

Interview with Robert Campbell

Bob Campbell talks about living and growing up through the 1940’s-Late 1960’s. He lived during the Great Depression and served in the Marine Corps.

Interview – Rhi and Me

Rhi, who is my daughter, talks about her research on her family history and about living with Aspergers.