Make someone smile

My dad’s legacy was to make someone smile everyday.

Una tarde con mis Padres

Mis Padres conversando conmigo un dia entre semana por la tarde de sus experiencias en la vida

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Life lessons learned from growing up in Florida, establishing a strong work ethic, and appreciating health and happiness.

Oral History Project

This is an interview about some questions I chose to ask my Mom to get to know her better and learn about her amazing attributes that I can now mirror and pass on to my future children to potentially better...

A Father’s Thoughts

An interview with my father about his life, what he’s done, and what he hopes to do.

“This was like a soul to soul conversation”

This was an interview between my mom and I. We spoke about general life lessons and about the life we have led and would like to lead. We also touched upon the impacts of her upbringing and of mine.