Noah (21) & Edson (22)- 5/5/24

Edson and I talk about how life was in each of our early lives in two different countries


I interviewed my friend Richa, we disused the differences of our culture and religious beliefs.

me and my friend

Friend Yasmin (21) and me Hanna (20). Talking about love and life

Mike and Charlie

Mike Fitzpatrick (77) talks about his life growing up as a Catholic, and explains some of his important life lessons.

Trent and Turner 12/8/23

Turner(18) and Trent(20), interview with my 20 year old African American friend from Chicago, Illinois who goes to college at Wisconsin Parkside

Raynuka and Kenzie

Today Interviewed 20 year old, Kenzie Noble. She talks about the relationships she endured as a White, Christian growing up in Chicago. We discussed how these relationships have impacted her life as whole, as well as any life lessons she...

Amanda and Jose 11-29-23

I spoke with Jose Lopez, an 18 year old Sports Media major at UNL. I met him in my 130 class earlier this semester. We talked about his family life, strengths, and pets.

Kayla and Josh 11-29-2023

My name is Kayla Kennedy and I’m a 19 year old female. I interviewed Josh Burrowes who is a 19 year old male. In this interview we discussed how his life as an African American man is different than my...

Pioneer Plant Pathologist

Dr. Regina Vidaver (52) interviews her mother, Dr. Anne Vidaver (85) about her career as a Professor and Department Chair in Plant Pathology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). Anne completed her PhD in 1965, a time when very few...