Story Corps Interview

In this Interview, I spoke with my roommate. Her name is Liv and she is from New Jersey. We talk about growing up in New Jersey, being half German, half Hispanic, blonde and a psych major, and what stereotypes come...

Blake and Dekendrick

I interviewed my friend Delendrick, about his childhood, what he was taught and what kind of things he went through so far in his life.

Kole and Henry 5/11/2023

I sat down with Kole today and talked about his childhood, aspirations for the future and what influenced him to become who he is today.

Erica and Jae- 5/9/23

Today I sat down with my friend Jae (23-years-old). I got to learn more about him such as his childhood, the meaning of his name, and got words of wisdom as he is graduating soon.

Dylan and Kierstin 5/4/23

Dylan Jurgens (18) talks with fellow classmate Kierstin Anderson (20) about growing up in California and memories through out their life.

interview with Gina Digiacomo

I interviewed Gina DiGiacomo a 49-year-old cis gender female. She is my best friends moms, and we discussed the topic of her home life growing up and how it has impacted where she is in todays world along with her...

interview with Sarah Fuller

Katie Fuller age 19 interviews her sister Sarah Fuller age 23. In this interview we find out a bit about Sarah fuller including how she would like to be remembered and her happiest moment.

Podliska Story Corps Assignment

I interview Isaiah about his childhood and what his family is like.

Lexi goeman and Sam Metcalfe

Lexi Goeman (19) spoke to her friend Sam Metcalfe (21) about his childhood, his coming out and his relationship with family and his significant other.