History Podcast

Sharlize and Alexis interview each other about history, while being rushed by Sharlize’s mother.

William and Eileen Henning

We talked about my life as a kid, and what my mother’s life was like. We also talked about times in both of our lives where we had been the most in trouble and when our parents were the most...

Madeline Duda and her sister Olivia Duda talk about school, growing up, and future plans.

This interview is private.

Interviewing My Mom, Iffat Habib

In this interview, I, Sumehra Taj, interview my mother, Iffat Habib, about her life. From living in Iraq while her father was a professor as a child, to the painful recovery of giving birth in Bangladesh, we discuss the various...

Interview with my Dad, Kris Bittner

In this interview, my dad talks about his experience with his youth group as a child as well as his and his families background.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interview my mom on things that she is most grateful for, and for things she has learned