We talked about what Le’Denise would have told her younger self

9/11 Interview with My Mom

Interview with my mom over an important historical event in her lifetime.

Living History Project: Recorded Interview (Cold War & Immigration) Part 2

This is a continuation of the first recording, but my father highlights his life in America and his immigration journey more in depth.

Living History Project: Recorded Interview (Cold War & Immigration)

I interviewed my father on life during the Cold War in Yugoslavia. In addition, he explained his immigration journey to the United States.

From Cataluña to Icaria

Interview between Julia Guerrero Reed and her father Roger Reed about their Montaldo ancestors, who were part of the Icarian utopian socialist commune in Illinois and Iowa in the mid-1800’s.

Lela Jackson and son Charles Jackson talk about love and family.

In this interview I talked to my mom that is 40 years old about our family. We went deep in the history of our family and the last jobs that my late grandfather took place in. Also about my grandmother...