Interview with my Uncle

In this interview, we discuss my uncles childhood memories, with his move to America from Korea. We talk about the loss of tradition and culture from the move along with the LA riots.

Interview with my brother, Kevin.

I interviewed my brother, Kevin Rabanales, about the struggles of race and ethnicity for my 11th grade Service Learning Project.

Steve and Caroline- 5-8-2023

Listen as Caroline interviews her mom’s old roommate from LA!

Jenara blanco

Jenara blanco, she’s 16 years old she’s a student at AJR

Interview my grandparents

I asked them questions about their life’s. I also learned new things about them .

Sueño Americano

Mi mamá en busca de una mejor vida para poder cumplir sueños.

Nat’s Memorial Interview

This audio is about my great aunt Nat. Her daughter answers questions about her life.