Breaking the ceiling

In this interview conducted on Nov 28 2022, Caiden Johnston (16) interviews his mother Valerie Johnston (59) about what it was like growing up in a male dominated workplace. She also talks about how she was the last generation to...

Scott Beauchamp looks back on his life

Scott Beauchamp (53) talks with his daughter, Jenna Beauchamp (15) about his life growing up, which includes his best and worst memories. Also, he talks about what his goals were for his life, and whether or not he had any...

Marci Taylor (Hayez) and Dr. Denise Gates

Marci Taylor (Hayez) (51) interviews her colleague Dr. Denise Gates [no age given] about her research and findings in organizational socialization. Among other topics, they also discuss burnout, the importance of supervisors, and address traumatic workplace betrayal.

Jane Richardson, Patty Dominguez, and Dr. Claire Davies

Former librarian and branch manager, Jane Richardson [no age given], shares a conversation with her friends Dr. Claire Davies [no age given] and Patty Dominguez [no age given] about Jane's experiences and perspectives as a librarian. They also talk about...

Delva Vasquez Chavez and Justin Chavez

Justin Chavez (40) has a conversation with his mother, Delva Vasquez Chavez (73), about her family background, upbringing, life in Belize, travel stories, and love for family members.

Yvonne Kai Anderson and Jolene Marie Zipp

Friends Yvonne Kai Anderson (38) and Jolene Marie Zipp (40) talk about motherhood, building community during the pandemic, and Yvonne's founding of Tiny Hikes and Adventures, a playgroup in Las Vegas.

Mary Crocco and Kevin Buckley

Mary Crocco (68) shares a story with her friend Kevin Buckley (67) about an unhoused woman that helped her when her car broke down.