Peter Guzman, Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce

Peter Guzman’s is a successful real estate investor developer and broker. He shares with us the value of hard work and the importance of fathers and families as a contributing factor to his success.

Mrs. Ruby Amie in Las Vegas

Mrs. Ruby Amie-Pilot shares her migration story and experiences of coming to the Historic Westside in the 1950s. Her experiences range from being a young married woman to one of the first Black women to integrate the casinos on the...

Gwen Chaney-Braimoh

The Executive Director of Expertise Cosmetology Institute shares a little insight on how she began the first cosmetology school of Las Vegas.

Kelly Webb, DJ Kelly

Kelly Webb a Las Vegas DJ in her 20s shares what how she arrived to Las Vegas as a child with her family, and how the community differed from her birth city in Michigan.

Kylie Petrozza – Interview With My Mom
January 6, 2023 App Interview

Hi, I’m Kylie Petrozza. This is an interview that I did with my mom, Laura Petrozza. We filmed it on January 4th, 2023. I am 16 years old at the time of recording, and my mom is 53. We discussed...

Interview with Granny

A interview with my 81 year old great grandmother, recorded by me and my grandmother. We talked about her past life and what she’s most proud of.

Breaking the ceiling

In this interview conducted on Nov 28 2022, Caiden Johnston (16) interviews his mother Valerie Johnston (59) about what it was like growing up in a male dominated workplace. She also talks about how she was the last generation to...

Scott Beauchamp looks back on his life

Scott Beauchamp (53) talks with his daughter, Jenna Beauchamp (15) about his life growing up, which includes his best and worst memories. Also, he talks about what his goals were for his life, and whether or not he had any...