SL Interview

Rene Vasquez (60) talks with his granddaughter, Tyana Vasquez (17) about the Salvadoran Civil War and his experience.

Interviewing my neighbor Esperanza Meza

I interviewed my neighbor Esperanza Meza. She talks about how her race and ethnicity affect her in the U.S.

Interview with Stephany Gonzalez and Catarina Juan

On May 14th, I, Stephany Gonzalez (16), interviewed my older cousin, Catarina Juan (20) for my Service Learning Project about Institutional Racism. She talked about the struggles of race and ethnicy she faced when she migrated to the United States...

Adrian Aguilar and Liliana Campos De Aguilar

adrian aguilar: 2023-05-15 04:14:50. Adrian Aguilar (22) talks with his mom, Liliana Aguilar (43) about language in our family.

Interview with my mom, Miguelina.

On may 15, I interview my Mom and I asked her brief questions about her race and ethnicity and what it means to be part of her community.

Interviewing my cousin.

I interviewed my cousin, Santos Gomez, who is 20 years old. We discussed the struggles he has been through in the U.S., his life in Guatemala, and suffering racism in his job.

Entrevista con mi papá

La historia de mi padre desde que el decidió venirse la primera ves de México ha los EE.UU. Su vida en EE.UU y en que trabaja, la traición de familia, y la adaptación para salir adelante. Al último habla sobre...

Interview With My Mom

I sit down with my mother to discuss many of her childhood/adolescent memories.