emi Martínez and César virgen

it’s a discussion and questions that I asked my cousin Emi (21)about how he struggled moving here in the United States with his family at the age 5

StoryCorps English Final

My Aunt talking about her life story coming from Mexico and her reasoning behind it.

Emma and Noah Davis interview with Grandma Gloria

Twins Emma and Noah (16) interview their Grandma about her journey of moving from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, along with her background in art, travel, and their family's history

A Windy Road

Father and son, Sean and Lochlan discuss Sean‘s beautiful life and experiences around the world.

Interviewing Robert Towers-Jewish Performer Veteran and Amazing Grandfather

Andy Rowles(16) interviews his grandfather, Robert Towers(87) and his time being a soldier, activist and mainly a performer.

StoryCorps Interview

This is an interview talking about my Grandmothers life

Susan B. and Jonathan Webster

One Small Step conversation partners Susan B. (58) and Jonathan Webster (35) have a conversation about their backgrounds and beliefs, touching on topics like education, politics, guns, and biases. They find common ground despite differences.

La historia de Brenda

This interview is about Brenda Johnson’s (48) life. Full of ups and downs. I, Brandon (17), her son, ask her about the experiences that have brought her to where she is today. Esta entrevista trata sobre la vida de Brenda...

Recording – 04-18-2024 19:01:54

friends Maria 19 and mateo 16 discuss how is it to live in Los Angeles and their experiences in life

Courtney Ramirez and Christopher Whitford

One Small Step conversation partners Courtney Ramirez (45) and Christopher Whitford (56) find commonality through a shared love of dogs and classic rock. They share their stories of loss: Courtney losing her husband suddenly to illness and Christopher losing his...