Al Levron, “I Remember…”: Louisiana Reflections and Stories of the Past

Hear landowner Al Levron explain how family and legislative acts such as CWPPRA are making a difference in coastal restoration.

how was basic

this interview covered how was basic traning in the u.s army with all the pros and cons, i also covered the after of basic training.

Mom Interview

I Casey who is 21 years old interviewed my Mom Sandy who is 48 years old. we discussed how might she give me future advice about my family and how she felt watching me grow up and her overall experiences...

Do you know why you are here?

Johnny McMurry interviews his Aunt Tammy who is a spiritual warrior. she has let a very spiritual life and has passed things on to her nephew!

Allison Scott and Martha Stafford

Sisters Allison Scott (66) and Martha Stafford (60) discuss their father being convicted of sexual assault and the effect that it had on their family.

Hey, Dad. Nice to meet ya!
January 29, 2023 App Interview

This conversation was between Tara Richards, 31 years old, daughter, and Phil Daniels, 65 years old, father. We talked about Phil’s childhood, how the sudden loss of his father shaped him, his hopes and dreams, raising 3 children, and so...

Alton Clark Sr. and Jacqueline Davis

Good friends Alton Clark Sr. (81) and Jacqueline Davis (57) discuss Alton's life and the course of his military career, spanning 23 years from 1961 - 1984.

Dana Ellis and Donna Nelken-Baker

One Small Step conversation partners Dana Ellis (50) and Donna Nelken-Baker (71) connect over experiencing great losses of different kinds in their lives, seeing a man's presence as the backbone of families, getting people the resources they need, and being...

Russell LeDay and Shira Smillie

New friends Russell LeDay (63) and Shira Smillie (26) share a conversation about Russell's life path, his work with San Antonio for Growth on the Eastside, and his hopes for effecting positive change.

Ada Marie Babineaux and Geraldine Marie Babino

Ada Marie Babineaux (58) interviews her mother, Geraldine Marie Babino (88), about her upbringing, life in Opelousas, Louisiana, and memories of her parents, Savannah Frank and Nathan Frank Sr. Geraldine also shares how she met her husband, how she settled...