Tuberculosis to COVID: Public Health in one woman’s lifetime

Interview with Patricia Harkaway (age 93) about communicable diseases (tuberculosis, polio, and COVID) in the 20th and 21st centuries.

An Interview With My Dad, Joesph Pass

Interviewing my father, Joesph Pass, about his life, his lessons, his greatest memories, and his love for God.

Listening to Gabe

Gabe and I talked about his thoughts as he’s reading Stamped for Kids.

A Mother’s experience as a widow

In this interview, my mother Lenora Murphy talks about her experience as a young window and how it has helped her learn independence.

Interview with my mom

In this interview, I will be asking my mom about her past.

Judy Schumacher & Sam Garrett discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Judy Schumacher (76) talks with her granddaughter Sam (21) about her, her family's and her community's plans and preparations (or lack thereof) in anticipation of local climate emergencies. Judy resides in a rural neighborhood that is more locally self-sufficient than...

Ben and Nick Discuss Preparing for the Climate Emergency

Ben(21) talks with Nick(21) about his hometown of Durand and what things have been going on in his community to combat climate change and how Michigan may change/adapt in the future.