August 9, 2018 app

This is a story from my grandmother who speaks about the suicide and life of her second child and eldest son Jesse Junior Gardner lll

August 6, 2018 app
Teen thoughts before adulthood between my son and I.

My 16 year old son discussed family,friends, life goals, keys to success and fond memories. We also discussed people who have influenced him along his journey.

An Interview With My Mother

My interview is about me asking my mom a series of questions from her childhood to the present & the future.

August 6, 2018 app
Emma and I

Emma shared with me a little more background info in her childhood.

The Story of Us; DCP-HW Year 1

Our experiences here at Distinctive College Prep 1st year. How our students have grown and blossomed this school year.

The Story of Us: DCP-HW Year 1

We shared the experiences we had during the first year of a brand new school, Distinctive College Prep: Harper Woods.

Grandma’s Story

This is how my grandma grew up and lived life.