Grannies House

We talked about my participant playin gc basketball at his grannies house and he broke his finger

Brothers Second Birthday

This participant had more than one special place and story.

Dad Part 1: Growing Up

Dr. Joshua Scott interviewing his Dad, Dr Jim Scott while on a four day motorcycle trip up the Lake Michigan Lakeshore. This StoryCorps is the first of the three night trip and focused on my dads upbringing in Dunkirk, NY

Marriage, Family and Living in a Streetcar

Diane and Ted Sweet have lived on Orchard Lane in Battle Creek, MI for, almost, their entire 68 year marriage. Their grandkids sat down with them to get the nitty gritty on the history of the street and on living...

Interviewing my dad

His life and what has happened through this life and some funny stories

Interview with my Nana.

This is my Interview with my nana for my study of fiction class.

Interview with Dad

For my study of fiction class, we were asked to interview someone. I have always wanted to ask my father about his time in the Vietnam War and he went through his time there, deployment, basic training, and the lessons...