An Immigration Experience

My mom and I talked about her experience in another country and continent, and what it was like immigrating to America.

Thanksgiving interview

We were talking about how she is proud of her parents and many great things she said to her great great grandchildren and to me her son.

Words of wisdom

Here are some words of wisdom by Josh my dad’s friend.

Alexis Garcia Interviews a Frontline Healthcare Worker

Alexis Garcia (18) talks with Amanda Padron (20) about the struggles she has faced as a healthcare worker during the COVID-19 pandemic. They discuss topics ranging from mental health, to stress, to the importance of family and a work community,...

Conversando con mi Abuela // Talking with my Grandmother

Intrevistando mi Abuela y preguntando algunas cosas sobre su vida como sus momentos mas orgullosos y lecciones que ha aprendido. // Interviewing my Grandmother and asking a some questions about her life like her proudest moments and life lessons she's...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We were talking about my grandmother’s adventure in Miami, Florida.