Coming to America Part 1

Me interviewing my mother about her time in American after she immigrated from Colombia.

Wilson Lohrer’s Wise Words

A quick interview on Wilson Lohrer to get a look into his life now, in the past, and in the future. Gives a glimpse on his thoughts and feelings to get to know him better

Mom and Daughter

A daughter asks personal questions to her mother getting a deeper insight into Deana’s past.

School Districting

This interview is private.

About my Mom

The interview was recorded on October 25 in Mint Hill, North Carolina. I(Colby) has learned a couple more things about my Mom and how she was brought up as a child. My mother’s name is Leslie Ryan, and she has...

Mike Turell AIS Interview

I interview one of my best friends for a sophomore seminar project. Means a lot to me for him to let us talk about personal subjects.

Kailee and our friendship

This interview is private.