Charles Wilson and Brandi Washington

Charlie Wilson (69) talks to his new acquaintance, Brandi Washington (18), about growing up in Mississippi, moving to the North Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago in the 1970s, his family, his work, and his advice to young people on making a...


This interview was with Skylar Etheridge. The interview was about her experience with unemployment.

Her Own Space: Self Care, Sisterhood, and South Korea with Robin

Traveling while black means researching more than ticket prices and exchange rates. There's a savviness to surviving racism in the United States and abroad as colorism, cultural appropriation, and xenophobia abound. Robin's faced it all as a black woman teaching...

Richard Baker and Sierra Grissom: From the Airforce to COVID-19

Sierra Grissom (18) interviews her grandfather, Richard Baker, to hear about his experiences throughout his life. The conversation goes from a story of a young man who joined the military to provide for himself and his young wife to a...

From Mississippi to Michigan

Sarah speaks about her childhood and how her environment and upbringing helped her to face some of the most difficult moments in her life.

A day in mom’s Life experience

Vanessa J Jones goes over her life experiences from her dreams in becoming a lawyer, to going to law school and fulfilling those dreams. She also discusses about her supporters and her proudest achievement.

Bill Adkins and LaSimba Gray

Dr. Bill Adkins (72) and friend, Dr. LaSimba Gray Jr. (73) discuss the history of the community of Memphis, mutual accomplishments in the civil rights movement, and the importance to transition information to the up-and-coming generation.

From the band room to the office: Mr. Ayers

A glimpse into the vice principals daily life. How has his personal progress affected his progress in the field of education?