Interview with grandma

Grandmother and granddaughter, Cynthia Brown (63) and Taylor Artis (17) discuss the early life of the grandmother.

Rachel Reddy and Eugene Bielik

Eugene Bielik (88) talks with his granddaughter Rachel Anne Zick (34) about his memories of growing up and his family as well as his service in the military.

Harry Freeman and Robert Matheny

Friends, Robert 'Mark' Matheny (77) and Harry Freeman (80) discuss growing up in the racially plagued South, the Civil Rights Movement, their love for Memphis, and their family's involvement with the government.

Ellen Castellanos and Donna Ferrell

Ellen Castellanos (53) talks to her mother, Donna Ferrell (84), about life-altering moments and her experiences in New Orleans, including going to school there and living in the city during Hurricane Katrina.

Recording – 12-06-2023 19:26:50

Tyla Johnson (18) interviewed her friend Anna Jacobs (21). The topics discussed were family, growing up, and advice.

Interview With Anijah & Her Greatgrandma Olivia

This is an voice recording of Anijah, age of 15 , interviewing her great-grandmother , age of 76. Anijah asked questions about where her grandmother was from , how it was there ect.