Jacquelynn Mornay and Amy Stelly

Mentee Jacquelynn Mornay (30) speaks with her mentor Amy Stelly (66) about the urban highways of New Orleans, Louisiana, public health, the history and current condition of the Tremé neighborhood, and the EPA study they're conducting.

David Burley and Ethan Bodden

David Burley (54) talked with one of his students, Ethan Bodden (21) about the effect that his illness has had on his life.

Myron Douglas and Michael Patterson

One Small Step partners Myron Douglas (66) and Michael Patterson (67) discuss New Orleans, the difference between faith and religion, and why rural areas deserve more respect.

Mawmaw Interview 1/11/24 (Part I)

45 minute interview with my 88 year old grandmother who is a Holocaust survivor. Topics ranged from meeting my grandfather, advice for future generations and relationship with god/religion. Stay tuned for Part I

Ruby Sharlow, Felicia Brown, and Janell Sharlow

Ruby Sharlow (87) talks to her daughter Janell Sharlow (60) and family friend Felicia Brown (60) about her experience owning a restaurant and important lessons she has learned in life.

Wendy Dorfman and Monet David

Friends and colleagues Wendy Dorfman (54) and Monet David (34) discuss the founding of the Acadiana Queer Collective, planning pride festivals in Lafayette, and the importance of other events the Collective has put on.