Helen Kennedy enjoyed a rich life of teaching around the world.

Helen Kennedy retired in 2004 after her long career as a teacher. She began her work in Chapel Hill and New York City, then Department of Defense schools took her to Turkey, Japan, Germany, England and Puerto Rico. For Fearrington...

Hank Price and Evelyn Mantilla

One Small Step conversation partners Hank Price [no age given] and Evelyn Mantilla [no age given] have a conversation about their political views and life experiences, finding common ground despite different backgrounds.

My grandpas life!

Marlon Kemmer (63) and I (17) talk and have a conversation about his life, my goal throughout this conversation was to get to know my grandpa on a deeper level !

Recording – 04-01-2024 19:34:43

Sol, mother of 2, shares some memories about moments, traditions, and experiences in her life that have helped her appreciate the good times.

Estela Smith and Hannah Robinson

One Small Step conversation participants Estela Smith (61) and Hannah Robinson (27) sit down for a conversation about the many commonalities in their life journeys, faith journeys, and families.

Wendy O'Keefe shares stories of growing up in the Caribbean Islands.

In her StoryCorps narrative, Wendy O’Keefe relives her youth in the Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico, St. Croix and St. Thomas. She tells of hotels that her grandfather managed and of adventures with her parents and their friends. Wendy and...

Micaela Camacho-Tenreiro and Ramon Camacho

Micaela Camacho-Tenreiro (24) has a conversation with her father, Ramon Camacho (57), about milestone moments and their bicultural lives.

Judith Timmons and Thaddeus Timmons

Spouses Judith "Judy" Timmons (82) and Thaddeus "Thad" Timmons (82) recall the story of how they first met, how they continued to stay in touch during years apart, and how they got married shortly after reconnecting.

Frances Forlines and Charles Marple

One Small Step conversation partners Frances Fortunes (48) and Charles "Chuck" Marple (73) have a conversation about their experiences as educators and geo political issues surrounding U.S. Territories.