My Interpersonal Interview

My name is Colin Felts, I am 19 years old, and I interviewed my step dad (Jason Kerr).

Ivonne Diaz and Sofía Avant-Mier

Colleagues Ivonne Diaz (35) and Sofía Aviant-Mier (22) discuss their experiences as Mexican-Americans in the United States, the political advocacy work they do with the nonprofit Texas Rising, and how they attempt to create work-life boundaries and advocate for themselves.

Cuquita Martinez and Roger Martinez

Roger Martinez (61) has a conversation with his mother, Cuquita Martinez (96), about her life experiences, her book, her love for God and music, and her relationship with her husband, Arsenio Orlando Martinez. They also talk about family, support, and...

Dad Opens Up About His Life and the Creative Process

Mark Rodriguez (48) talks to his daughter, Aurora Rodriguez (17), about his love for music and what his life was like when he was growing up. He also discusses his views on the creative process.

Gabriela Cadena and Donaciano Cantu

Life partners Gabriela Cadena [no age given] and Donaciano Cantu (48) discuss their relationship and the travels they have taken together. They also discuss their plans for the future, including getting married in 2023.

Victoria Shaw and Oscar Martinez

Colleagues Victoria Shaw (52) and Oscar Martinez (62) discuss Oscar's military service in the Air Force, his time as a narcotics police officer, and his childhood memories of growing up in Texas.

Julia Castellano-Hoyt and Martha Tijerina

Friends Julia Castellano-Hoyt (81) and Martha Tijerina (76) discuss military service, family history, and the importance of public service. Julia served in the military along with her siblings for a combined 100 years of military service.

Rachel Delgado and Cynthia Rodriguez-Martinez

Friends and colleagues Rachel Delgado (73) and Cynthia "Cindy" Rodriguez-Martinez (70) talk about Seniors In Play, storytelling, their passions, their upbringings, and their childhood memories in San Antonio, Texas.

Sabra Booth

Sabra Booth (57) discusses her family history with a focus on her mother, Barbara Booth. Her family fought in World War II, participated in the creation of the Manhattan Project, and lived in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, which was a military...