Interview with grandpa

I talked to my grandpa about what it was like growing up and about his parents and relatives. We also talked about what everyone did for work and how he worked for the defense mapping agency.

Empathy in Your Community

I interviewed my sister, Amy Sloan, about her experiences she learned while traveling to San Antonio for a VBS week with kids in poverty and experiencing abuse. She tells me about how this as impacted her life and how she...

Half a century and life is still hard but gets better PT1

This interview is private.

My mom and i

My mom and I in the car just having a casual conversation abt her life

Thanksgiving interview

I interviewed my dad and asked him questions about his life, childhood, and memories.

An Interview With My Mom

In this interview, I asked my mom about her childhood and what it was like growing up. I also asked her about life during the Covid-19 pandemic and advice she would like to give me about life.

Leonard Gillard and Cayce Kaufman

Leonard shares with Cayce his story about his father was in the military and they lived all over only to move back to his home state of Texas and how he reluctantly became a weather man to working in healthcare.

Gwen Ellen Grose Shaw birth-8 years old

Gwen was born 12/31/1936, during WWII, in San Antonio, TX. Gwen is 83 years old and has Alzheimer’s. This is a recollection of her childhood.