Remembering the Oral History of My Grandparents

Portions of my family's oral history as shared with me by my maternal Grandparents, Elijah and Alice Kelly, about the childhood, their love and their life.

Mrs. McClain’s college experience

Mya Kowalke and Mrs. McClain talked about Mrs. Mclain’s experience during college and how she felt about it.

Scarlett Recalls Times Of Her Life

Scarlett: Aged 41, had a lot of experiences in life. Her daughter, Cheyenne Ly listens to her story of grief and family.

The Interesting History of Carmelita Mixon

In this interview, Carmelita Mixon gives a glimpse of her life to her granddaughter, Maria Mixon. We discussed her relationship with Reginald Lewis, Modeling, New York, Her Husband, and living during Segregation. We hope you enjoy!!!

Interview with my grandfather

I asked my grandfather to tell me about his home town and childhood, as well as how his parents met and the time they were alive.

Interview with my grandmother

I asked my grandmother about lessons she learned in her youth and how they affected her, as well as who had a big influence on her as a child and young adult.

Thanksgiving Listen

I’m this interview I interviewed my father, Bryan Howard on his life and his childhood. I asked a couple questions about his childhood, some things about his life now, and some things he would change.

Interview with Grandma Pam Eckstein

Emma Graves interviews her grandma (Grandma Pam) and they talk about her life growing up, and what it is like now.