Colonel Terry Derouchey’s Military Career

In this interview, Colonel Terry DeRouchey discusses his time at West Point and some of the highlights of his military career. He served in the United States Military for 35 years.

Sarah McKibben and Mac Montana 2021

Mac and Sarah discuss meeting, falling in love and getting engaged during (and because of) a global pandemic.

Overcoming Sexual Assualt and Rape

This interview is about how my sister overcame a sexual assault and rape and what her struggles were with filling a report and what she went through to overcome it!

Mom shares regrets to hopefully help son succeed

Mother talks about her regret about not completing school to do the profession she wanted to do and now is telling her son to finish school.

Austin Keen

I interviewed infantry veteran and Operations Officer, Austin Keen at a local jiu jitsu gym in Kingwood Texas. We discussed his transition from the military back into civilian life and how his time in the military led to his current...

Elizabeth Duke and T. McClain

One Small Step conversation partners Elizabeth "Lani" Duke (74) and T. "Davina" McClain (56) share their political beliefs, memories and the ways they view change in the community.

World Remit

Banking services delivery channel. Systematization of RBS through the channel for providing remote services is due to the technological and functional properties of each of the channels. Through the world remit customer service and delivery channel, you can focus on...

Jenae Wright and Kelly Willmott

While in Michigan, Jenae Wright (31) talks to her friend Kelly Willmott (60) about living in Texas and differences between the two states. She moved to the state after living in Michigan for over a decade and now faces strains...