Interview With my 89 year-old Grandpa

My Grandpa was born in 1930. We talked about everything from the start of WWII to him going on road trips with my Grandma and all of their kids. We even talked about who he voted for in the 1948...


Today we talked about how my grandma underwent surgery

Mother and Son

I asked my mother a series of questions of her child hood, about my father and her, growing up, and her about my sister and I.

Michael Scott Hinojosa

This was a interview about the life of Michael Scott Hinojosa.

Interview with Uncle Benny

In this interview, I asked my uncle about his views on the world and some memories from his past.

Running for office as a democratic woman in North Texas

Two women who ran as Democratic candidates for State House and for Congress in Texas discuss life on the campaign trail in the 2018 midterm election.

Double Waak Recording

On December 23, 2018 the Waak family found a cassette tape recording from Father’s day 1976 of the whole family when they were headed to a Bell Helicopter family event. The sole grandchild of the family helped record this recording...