Happiest Memory with Seth

Seth and I (Jessica Downs) talked about one of Seth's happiest memories. We discussed what happened throughout the time that Seth was able to ride four-wheelers with his family that he doesn't really get to see that often anymore.

This is My Grandfather

I talk to my grandfather about the moments of his life. Many shared stories to his grandson.

Marlee’s interview

About what I want to be remembered as. And who is the most important person in my life as of right now.

Grandma Ginny Sample initial interview

This interview briefly covered Ginny's early years growing up in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, plus her time in Tacoma and Olalla, WA. She discusses fond memories, family, and friends.

“COVID-19 the interview by Cooper Palma”

Cooper Palma (7) interviews his dad, Chris Palma (47), about how daily life has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mom and daughter talk about growing up in a small coal town surrounded by love

We reminisced about Mom’s childhood and the people who were most influential to her. We also discussed what she’s most grateful for and what she hopes for for her children.