Grace Murphree and father John Murphree Discuss the Difference of Their Upbringings in Plano, Texas.

In this interview, a father and daughter talked about how their upbringings were different and similar by sharing their memories and opinions of the subject. In the total, the agreed on many ideas of how the US has changed and...

Uncle Kevin

We talked about growing up and how he gas changed over the years.

SNSI Instructor

I’m having an interview with my SNSI instructor about his experience in the Navy and adaptations he made for it.

Thanksgiving Interview with Grandma and her Dog Wally

We talked about her life growing up, what her family was like, and what my mom was like growing up.

Scott Payseur Interview

Ground Zero Founder and CEO Scott Payseur talks about the origins and background behind Ground Zero

The Great Listen a History of Life

This is a brief history of how my grandmother went from small town West Virginia to Rochester, New York.