Aisha Owens and Kristen Kelley

Aisha Owens (36) is interviewed by her case manager Kristen Kelly (27) about her thoughts on poverty, homelessness, rent hikes, and her journey finding stable housing at La Casa Norte.

Cawanna Stonewall and Keven Stonewall

Cawanna Stonewall [no age given] talks to her son, Keven Stonewall, Jr. (25), about their favorite memories together, Keven's curiosity, and how Cawanna supported and encouraged him since he was very young. Keven talks about what he has learned from...

Aileen Imperatrice and Tony Imperatrice

Spouses Aileen Imperatrice (51) and Tony Imperatrice (56) discuss their battles with terminal illness and share their fears about their medical conditions. They remember who they were as a couple before they were both ill and reflect on losing their...

Dario Cardenas and Jasmin Cardenas

Dario Cardenas (75) is interviewed by his daughter Jasmin Cardenas (42) about his contributions as an electrician who worked for big construction projects including the Chicago Cultural Center, McCormick Place, and other remarkable structures in Chicago. He also talks about...

Veda Ajamu and Josh Spickler

Veda Ajamu (52) and her friend Josh Spickler (45) share a conversation around their childhoods, passion for rectifying the criminal justice system, and personal observations on best approaches to discussions on racism.

Noelle Trent and Charles McKinney

Dr. Noelle Trent (39) discusses with colleague and friend Dr. Charles McKinney (52) the experience of blackness throughout their early and current lives, pursuit of academia, and their experience in the subject of History.

Jamie Slenker and Savannah Dominguez

Savannah Dominguez (25) and her former professor Jamie Lynn Slenker (38) talk about their library design projects they have done with the New Haven Free Public Library.

Stacy Spencer and Rhonda Spencer

Stacy Spencer (51) and his wife Rhonda Spencer (50) discuss their childhoods, a passion for social justice, the establishment of an interfaith organization designed to balance the equity in Memphis [MICAH], mutual community contributions, and the impact of the Civil...

Faith Morris and Herbert Hillard

Mr. Herbert H. Hilliard (72) talks with his colleague Faith Morris [no age given] about growing up poor in Woodstock, TN and Lucy, TN, his family's move to Memphis, becoming the first African American athlete at the University of Memphis,...