Lisa Bunker and Dawn Huebner

Lisa Bunker (58) shares a conversation with her wife, Dawn Huebner (60), about gender identity, sexuality, and how their partnership came to be.

George Ready and Keelan Weeks

Keelan Ready Weeks (27) interviews her father George Ready (64) about his father, Bill Ready Sr., and his civil rights work. They talk George's childhood, their family history, and George's work in politics today.

Sara Bavar, Anna Moshefi, and Nina Moshefi

Sara Bavar (44) shares a conversation with friends and sisters Anna Padideh Moshefi (35) and Nina Nirvana Moshefi (39). They discuss their COVID-19 relief work, their experiences as part of the MTO Shahmasghsoudi School of Islamic Sufism, and the lessons...

Carlton Wall and Rufus Van Horn

Friends, Carlton Wall (38) and Rufus Van Horn (53), share a conversation about their overlapping family history within their community. They also discuss their personal ancestors, who might not have identified as activists, but naturally supported racial integration through a...

Kate Gluckman and Myesha Stovall

Kate Gluckman (38) interviews her mentee, Myesha Stovall (21), about her experience in the Freedom Project, what it’s like to be a mentor to younger students, and what she hopes to accomplish in her last year in college.

Jessikah [no name given] and Kiera Monroe

Friends Jessikah [no last name given] (20) and Kiera Monroe (19) have a deep conversation about life and death, love, spirituality, and how they would like to be remembered.

Kenderix Hudson and Michael Johansson

Kenderix Hudson (28) talks to his father and mentor, Michael Johansson (71), about his childhood, his different career paths, and the countries he would like to travel to after the pandemic.

Rosalind Operton and Cynthia Arrington

Rosalind Operton (59) interviews her older sister, Cynthia Arrington (64), about Cynthia's childhood, the blessings and the burdens that come with being the oldest child, memories she has of her parents and grandmothers, and what she has planned for the...

Michael Johansson and Ken Yon Greer Sr.

Michael Johansson (71) interviews his friend Ken Yon Greer Sr. (36) about his experience growing up in the Mississippi Delta and the road that led him to college, and eventually, to becoming president of the historically black fraternity, Phi Beta...

Lawrence Muruako and Michael Johansson

Michael Johansson (71) interviews his friend Lawrence Muruako (36) about his business Rebel Body Fitness, his nonprofit organization, Operation Fit Nation, and the work he has been doing in underserved communities to help them lead a healthier lifestyle.