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Interview With Bonnie Schell – by Sam Schell

Sam Schell interviews Bonnie Schell about her experience with risk taking and resilience.

A childhood to remember " Lainey Sullivan & Mike Sullivan"

Today I am talking with my dad about him moving and giving the pros and cons about moving a lot as a child. We talked about his favorite places that he has lived, and especially the hard times and thoughts...

Recording – 02-20-2024 Lung Transplant

I interviewed my Nana which is my Dad’s mother. My Nana is 70 years old and in 2018 she had to have a lung transplant. I interviewed her about how she was resilient as she was going through the process...

February 2024

Our first interview… hoping for more to come.

Historian Project

Tiffany Curry (Mom), talked about how life shouldnt be lived through a lense and to really think about every moment your in and to not take it for granted.

Scott Fisher & Kim Thayer
February 20, 2024 App Interview

Hui Mo‘olelo #30: Scott Fisher, Director of ʻĀina Stewardship at Hawai'i Land Trust & Kim Thayer of Mauna Kahalawai Watershed Partnership Recorded Dec 29, 2023 in Wailuku, HI The goal of the Hui Mo‘olelo program is to capture an authentic...

Uncle “Gaby” Gouveia & Pualani Enos Dunn
February 20, 2024 App Interview

Hui Mo‘olelo #28: Uncle “Gaby” Gouveia & Pualani Enos Dunn Recorded Dec 2023 The goal of the Hui Mo‘olelo program is to capture an authentic moment of connection through stories that are embedded in a Maui County sense of place....

Anthony Pacheco and Henry Eskaran, Jr.
February 20, 2024 App Interview

Recorded at Lānaʻi Culture & Heritage Center on June 24, 2022, Anthony Pacheco and his father Henry Eskaran, Jr., Kamaʻāina of Lānaʻi, met to record a 40-minute "Talk Story" session, with the goal of capturing an authentic moment of connection...

FHS | Max Snyder
February 20, 2024 App Interview

FHS Interview with senior Max Snyder and Freshman Cornell Brewer & Said Pena-Calderon.

Inteviewing danielle 1

Danielle gets interviewed by me 1

Resilient Tales From Nikki Bradbury

Mera Bradbury, age 12, interviews her mom, Nikki Bradbury, age 39, about a recent job change that demonstrated her resiliency. In the interview Mera asks her mom important questions to learn more about what it means to be resilient. Nikki...

The Power Of A Mother's Faith
February 20, 2024 App Interview

Allow me to introduce Santa, an extraordinary 81-year-old grandmother whose resilience and strength have served as the cornerstone of our family's legacy. Santa's profound connection to her religion has been a guiding force throughout her life, particularly in her role...

Recording – 02-19-2024 21:06:14

Katelyn Watts (12) Summer Watts (46) mother/daughter Interview about significant life event and resilience required to persevere.

Armando interview 2/19/24

interview of Armando Sanchez, interviewer, Zach Sanchez, father and son. border family life, older life

Exploring Risk and Resilience with my PapPap

Interview with Aiden Brown and his grandfather, Bryan Bartley. Risk and resiliency were discussed.

Hannah Bauer

Hannah Bauer: 2024-02-20 00:40:19