Alexis and her mother, talking about life experiences

In this interview, conducted on December 3rd 2020, in Beverly, Massachusetts, Alexis interviews her mother, asking about her childhood, funny stories, and present day life. Kristina shares funny, sad, and happy moments with Alexis. In the end of the interview...

Grandma’s achievements and wisdom

We discussed my grandmothers top greatest achievements in life. She talked about the person who influenced her the most in life which is her mother. Finally, she gave a piece of advice to hold onto forever.

Interviewing a firefighter, My brother !!

How life is for a firefighter and what you need to become a firefighter and for better answers i have asked my brother who is a firefighter and even some advice for people looking into becoming one

Tyson Hendersons advice

Tyson Henderson gives out his advice on being an alcoholic and what he did to help himself.

Life, love, and lots of kids

I sat down with my mom and dad to talk about their story as a couple, what they have been through together, and how they’ve grown.

John and Jasmin, The Start of a Neighborly Friendship

John Lopiparo, or JD (18) talks with his neighbor Jasmine Hrdlicka (35) about the past, along with the future.

Getting to know my wonderful Nana!

My Italian grandmother tells me about her life growing up, my family/dad, and gives me advice as I go forward with my own life!!

Rebeca’s Story Corp School Project

In this interview I was talking to my mom, we talked about her life as a kid, experiences she had, and she talked about lessons she learned.

Sibling interview

My sister talked about why she liked going to school, why her family is her greatest influence, how she wants people to remember her for her heart and to give wisdom about life to people listening.

Lakeira Bacchiocchi and her grandmother Arlene Butler talk about family, politics, and traditions.

In this interview, conducted on November 29th, 2020 in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Lakeira Bacchiocchi (17) interviews her grandmother Arlene Butler (59) about her childhood in Jonestown. Arlene shares her early memories with school and family. She discusses family traditions and gives...

My Talk With Grandma
November 29, 2020 App Interview

I talked with my Grandma about her life in the late 50s and early 60s. She shared her stories and advice she would give to people in today’s world.

Emily Zhivotovski and Ella Zhivotovski

Emily Zhivotovski (18) talks with her mom, Ella Zhivotovski (52) about immigrating to America and the many takeaways she has learned from childhood into adulthood. The pair discuss the lessons we can take away from those we meet and how...

Dhviti Patel and Nevy Patel

Dhviti Patel (18) talks with her older sister, Nevy Patel (28), about her life journey. They converse over Nevy’s childhood and taking pride in her Indian culture, the importance of maintaining family relationships and friendships, her college life, and her...

Interview with Carol Ann Faucett and Bob Faucett

In the interview I talked with my grandparents from Florida. I did a zoom meeting because they are in a high-risk category and I will not be seeing them for the holidays.

Hold this life's moment in your hands, and squeeze it tight! Interview with Esther conducted by Jessica.

Esther (87) shares her life experience will growing up in Berlin, Germany and England during the war, and then her transition to United States.

An Interview With My Mom

In this interview, I asked my mom about her childhood and what it was like growing up. I also asked her about life during the Covid-19 pandemic and advice she would like to give me about life.

My Aunt’s Nursing Journey

November 26, 2020, recorded in the Bay Area, California by Sophia Goyena; I interview my aunt, Rose Castro, on her journey to becoming a nurse, and her current experience as a nurse- as well as some career and nursing advice.

Mother Knows Best

Enjoy this interview with my mother who gives advice and memories.

Life Lessons 101

My dad gives me some life lessons and tells me about his experience as a parent.

Jadyn Edgar interviews her grandpa, Larry Blakley, about his life experiences.

In this interview, Jadyn Edgar interviews her grandpa, Larry Blakley, about his childhood, his military service and lessons he has learned over the years.

Interviewing my mom

This interview was about just the overall life and ideas of my mom