Living History Project

an interview about my dads life in the soviet union and his upbringing. also describes his challenges in moving to a new country.

My Abuela Elena

We go over the life of my grandmas childhood until going into present day.

Interview with Claudia Alfaro

We talk about how Claudia came to the US and how it was difficult to adjust to the culture and language. We also discussed her journey as a kid who lived in downtown Los Angeles. Also, what she does for...

Ethan Yim and his grandmother Jeong Yim talk about her experiences in Korea, America, and her immigration between.

On April 2021, Ethan (19) interviewed his grandmother (85) in her living room, in Irvine, California. She discusses her life experiences, especially those pertaining to life in Korea, immigration, and life in the United States.

A Mother’s Wisdom

In this interview, conducted by Morgan (21) she asks her mom, Desiree, questions about her childhood. Desiree shares stories about her life as a child growing up, some funny memories, and lessons she has learned in life.

All about Mom

Alex (19) interviewed his mom (49). This interview is about her childhood and work career. This interview took place in Anaheim, California. Today’s date is April 29, 2021.

My mom's Childhood

This is an interview with my mom about her childhood growing up and all the memories she has from her childhood. Things she is grateful for and what she would change.

Interviewing my dad, Justin Hanson

Interviewing my dad who is 43, born March 23. He was raised in the Sonora/ Twain Harte area and recalls many fond memories of his life.


I asked her basic questions about her life and about our relationship

My Interview: My Mom's Immigration Story

Imelda Perez (50) talks with her daughter, Haiwa Perez (14) about her childhood in Mexico and how she immigrated with her family to the U.S. She talks about the good times she had growing up and the struggles/challenges she faced...

Interview with Lleyton

We talked mostly about memories that we made and his childhood.

Ruby Arcos De La Cruz gets to know Rafael’s life experience

Ruby Arcos interviews her older brother named Rafael Arcos who is 23 years old and listens to what he had experienced when growing up. It allowed Ruby to get to know Rafael even more. This interview made these siblings bond...

Interview with Grandma

Childhood and what it was like growing up.