This was my mom’s story on how hurricane sandy affected out family

Getting to know Gio

We dive deep into the thoughts and feelings of the people who were affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Tibs Interview

I interviewed Tibi about his general life experiences.

A Hurricane Irene Experience

In this interview, Ellery Witman asks questions of Peter Amidon to learn about his, and his wife’s, experience with Hurricane Irene.

Disaster in paradise

We talked about her feelings while exprincing this and what obstacles she had to go through to survive .

Politics 2017-2018

This interview took place on November 25, 2017. I interviewed my brother (Zach Ennis) on the today’s politics. He answered questions based on what he believed the President could do better and Congress. He also goes into depth on his...

A Young Child’s Experience With Hurricane Katrina
November 15, 2017 App Interview

”The winds were so strong, my parents had to hold onto something or else they would be blown away.” Shelbi describes the events and her experience with hurricane Katrina from when she was at 12 years old, from preparation to...