One question is that I asked how was you’re family tree. Also what was you’re childhood like ?

Marketing 101 Interview

Jason Becker And Joewell Jackson, two Radford University students, talk about the finer points of healthcare.

Suarez Brothers

brief introduction to my older brother Leonel Suarez

Never Losing Yourself

Here is an Interview with Damarco Fitz. He is 18 years old, and he tells me about his life with his fathers absence

Honors Bootcamp Interview
September 27, 2019 App Interview

Interviewing a lawyer to gain understanding about their profession.

Edwin and Chris interview
September 23, 2019 App Interview

Chris and Edwin are interviewing each other about the things they do on a daily basis and what they like to do

First day of school

Nervous on the 1st day of high school

first day of school
September 23, 2019 App Interview

interviewing Jasmine on her first day of school

True crime interview
September 14, 2019 App Interview

Cole case interview of April Lynn jones

English Assignment

Interview with Jack Marandino

Story Corps Interview

This video is an interview for sales executive for AT&T business.