Study of Fiction Interview

an interview about life, goals, interests, etc.

Interview with my high school sweetheart

Today I chose to interview my husband and high school sweetheart John. I asked random life questions which helped me get a better understanding of who is as a person.

Interview With Ajza

In this interview I got to learn about one of my friends. I after this interview I can say I learned a lot about Ajza from this.


I talked with Skylar about her plans for the future.

A Date With My Boyfriend(‘s Mom)

On April 22, 2018, Kaylee and Brenda met to talk about Brenda’s childhood and life experiences. As they sat in Brenda’s living room in Orange County, they also talked a little bit about Kaylee’s aspirations.

Birds steering the course of life. Photo by Mick Thompson.

How birds have influenced the life and career of Kharli a naturalist from the Puget Sound area.

James Ao and his dad talk about their favorite place in the world and some memories.

In the interview recorded in November, 2017 in Roslyn, NY, James interviews his step dad about his favorite place or in general his favorite everything. James’s dad shares his favorite childhood memories and memories right now on the people that...