Jake and Frank have a talk pt1

First part of our talk where we dive into franks life and his hardships he has had during his life.

Adrienne’s interview

I asked adrienne 6 questions from things about her life. Things like love, family, religion, and regrets & got her lovely insight.

From nothing to something

“I didn’t have a skill so I figured if I went to the military they would teach me a skill which they did.” On November 21,2019,in Cerritos,California, 15 year old Isaiah Brewington sat down with his 78 year old grandfather...

An Interview with my Mom

I talk with my mom about her life. We focus on her experiences going back to work and adjusting to other major life changes. In the context of her current job as a school nurse, we also discuss mental health...

Family’s Meaning

Juliet talked about the importance of family and how intertwined the relationships are within a family. Family is a close-knit community and the people you can rely on.

Thanksgiving Weekend

I asked my father some questions about his past.

Interview with Nick Julian

An interview with my cousin Nick Julian. He is a sophomore in high school and plays hockey for Malden Catholic.

GTL Interview

4 questions about my grandma who lives in spain

Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about lessons, experience and life in general

An Interview With My Mom About Softball

My mom and I talk about softball which has been such an influential part of both of our lives. We discuss why we love the game, what our favorite memories are, what lessons we learned, and what we miss.

My grandfather

My grandfather’s life from childhood to adulthood.

Thanksgiving Interview

About family and family traditions

Interview With My Mom

This interview between my mom and I focuses on why my mom didn’t attend college and how that has shaped her life. We also talk about the jobs she has had and what her outlook is on the way kids...

APUSH Interview

The summary of this interview is the life in the U.S. as a newly immigrant and the story of George’s experience in the U.S. and what influenced the move here.

My dad and his brother part 2

My dad talks about his relationship with his brother who died from HIV/AIDS

Dad and his brother part 1

My dad and his relationship with his late brother jack who died from HIV/AIDS in 1991

Interview with my dad

It was about his family, his culture , and his childhood

Jennifer Vasquez and his brother Stanely Vasquez talk about his impacts on life.

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Los Angeles, California, Jennifer Vasquez (16) interviews her brother and best friend Stanely Vasquez (10) about his best memories and ideas of life in general. Mr. Vasquez shares memories about his unforgettable...

The emotions and feelings of a dreamer like Carlos!

Carlos is a 17 year old who is currently a senior at School Of Social Justice. He talks about his feelings like the love he has for his partner and how he also has love for his family and the...

A Look Into the Differences Between Singapore and the US

I discuss with my father about the differences between Singapore and the US in terms of its education system, family values, and government structure based on his experience from living Singapore for the majority of his childhood and living in...

The Story of Our Family!

This is the StoryCorps podcast that I interviewed my mom discussing about our family and how her family got to where we are today. My family grew up in Iran and made the United States at home when my mom...