Abe Rivas and Ms. Laadimi

Abe Rivas sat down with Ms. Laadimi, a social studies teacher, at Bogan High School on the southwest side of Chicago. They talked about how Ms. Laadmi dealt with her time during COVID 19.

1960s interview

My grandma told me about her experience living in the 1960s.

Living history project with my grandpa

We mainly focused on civil rights and his time at the board of trade.

Interview w/ Grandma Bertie

Amazing interview with my grandma, Roberta Buffett. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. She talks about her childhood and many experiences.

MY Experience and opinion on Restorative Justice in schools.

Within this podcast, I talk about my school experience and how the school-to-prison pipeline and zero tolerance policies have affected my education process.

Interview with my Grandfather

my grandfather told me about his grandfather lives and how he was apart of the masons and knew a bunch of people from that like the head of the FBI, walt disney, roosevelt, and more. he also told me about...

Interview with Oma

My grandmother’s experience growing up in Germany during the end of World War 2, and her journey to the United States.

Cleo Wilson and Bob Roth

Cleo Francine Wilson (77) speaks to her partner Bob Roth (74) about her first experience at a camp traveling outside of her Chicago West Side neighborhood, and feeling a "fish out of the water" after her trip.

Mike Marino and Mike Marino

Uncle Mike Marino, 62 years old, talks to nephew Mike Marino, 21 years old, about the epic of his life-memories, joys, challenges, and wise advice from a wise man.

Zoe and Bubbe

I asked Bubbe about her family and my dad growing up.

SVC Interview with Jasmyn Garcia

In my first interview, I walk with my partner over some simple questions. It honestly went over pretty well.

Living History Project

I interviewed my grandfather about his time in the National Guard, and more specifically his involvement in the riots that took place in Chicago after MLK’s assassination