The Story of Linda Margaret

A fun drive down memory lane with Mom/Linda Margaret. A fascinating exploration into the events and people helped shape her life and personality.

My Dads Time as a Prison Counselor

Scout Kuehn wantend to know more about her dads time as a counselor in a prison. After the interview she knows a lot more about him and is proud to call him dad.

The Superhero Origin Story of the Chicago Full Moon Jam

Chicago Full Moon Jam founder Liz Breen Campanella and former FMJ organizer and board member Michi Trota talk about their love of art and fire, nurturing a vibrant community of performers, musicians, and volunteers, and the evolution of the FMJ...

Learning about Grandparents

I interview my dad about his parents and what his and their lives were like in Chicago.

Growing Up in a Blended Family with Interviewee Ashley Bolton and Interviewer Lenae Brown
September 12, 2019 App Interview

On September 12, 2019 in Chicago, IL, Ashley Bolton sat down with Lenae Brown and discussed her experience with growing up in a blended family. The 24 year old female spoke about the challenges of having step and half siblings,...

Interview with Dad – September 2019

My father was diagnosed with stage 4 bile duct cancer in April 2019. We took a trip to NYC to check off items on his bucket list and knowing this is the last trip we would take, I wanted to...

My dad’s parenting journey

My dad talking about his journey through a path called parenting

Into the Mind of a Young Man, Phillip Cruz

Interviewing my boyfriend on his life growing up and events that shaped him into being a great person. What it was like living in Chicago’s suburbs. How childhood can shape a person.

Onyx Engobor and Sianna Dworak-Sayers
August 30, 2019 Chicago StoryBooth

Onyx Engobor (23) and their partner Sianna Dworak-Sayers (25) talk about being non-binary, and how it feels to be in a relationship with another non-binary person. They discuss how their queerness and gender identities are woven throughout every aspect of...

Nico Valdez and Adrien Guadagnino
August 30, 2019 Chicago StoryBooth

Nico Elyse Valdez (25) talks to her partner Adrien Guadagnino (23) about growing up with her family of origin, childhood gender expectations, depression, experiencing homelessness at age 16, and how she didn’t expect to live to her current age. She...

August 29, 2019 Chicago StoryBooth

Tiffany Baker (46) talks to her former social worker, Terri Treiman (64) about the day they met, 29 years ago, when Tiffany was a foster kid. Tiffany tells Terri how it much it meant to her to be treated like...

Interview w/Iza

Learning more about the fascinating Izabella 🙂


Gina M. Ramirez (36) and her sister Giuliana M. Ramirez (42) have a conversation about growing up in East Side, Chicago, memories of their father’s work at the mills, and their bicultural identity.

Theodore Johnson, a father who was a clarinetist

This is an interview of Theodore Johnson, formerly of the Cleveland Orchestra, by his son.

Dad Interview

I asked questions on his early life and his overall life/wisdom.

Reflections of my grandmother on her 89th birthday

My grandmother recounts traveling on the train with her sister by themselves when they were 8 and 9-years-old in the late 1930s; going to college and living in Alberta, Canada; and working at an advertising agency in the 1950s in...

Uncle Lou

My Uncle Lou grew up in the 40’s on the South Side of Chicago and was a school teacher for Chicago Public schools. This is a brief account of his childhood and pieces of his career as told by him.