Vietnam War

Asked my grandma questions about what she knew about the Vietnam war and how times back then were like when it started

Interview with my mom

I asked my mom 15 questions about her life.

Mom Interview.

I just asked stories about growing up and how life was different.

Interviewing my mom

Talking to my mother about our family tree, background, life with my grandparents and life with me.

Zoe and Bubbe

I asked Bubbe about her family and my dad growing up.

Reflecting on the Past with Nan

I ask my immigrant Grandmother about her experiences in the United States. I also inquire about how she has used math.

Grandad Conversation

My grandfather’s dad came from Russia and we talk about his life and why he moved.

Andrew Gilbert

Andrew Gilbert: 2021-02-08 20:19:06 Andrew Gilbert (21) interviews his father Michael Gilbert (48) about his thoughts on the climate crisis, and his preparations for future natural disasters.

Jenae Wright and Kelly Willmott

While in Michigan, Jenae Wright (31) talks to her friend Kelly Willmott (60) about living in Texas and differences between the two states. She moved to the state after living in Michigan for over a decade and now faces strains...

Taylor and Laurel discuss preparing or the Climate Emergency

This interview discusses some of the issues individuals may have in their preparation for the climate emergency. Specifically, affordability regarding environmentally sustainable products makes it difficult to adopt necessary behaviors. Additionally, with so much information out there on the climate...

Cultural Differences: Hawaii to Michigan

I call and interview 17 year old Nalani about her culture in Hawaii and how it differed from the culture she faced in Michigan.

The interview with my mom

We go into many questions dealing with, life as a child, memories, motherhood, regrets and overall happiness

Learning life lessons with my aunt

Chassidy interviews her aunt. They talk about the importance of family and how you should always put family first. Her aunt also talks about how you can accomplish anything with hard work. They also reminisce on some of her favorite...

Marie Wolfe and Nancy Wamer

Marie Wolfe (59) and her spouse Nancy Warner (67) discuss Marie's experiences with her previous partner including in vitro fertilization, the birth of their twins, and their break up and ensuing custody battle.

Simone Jenkins

Simone Jenkins (51) talks with her daughter, Ana Morgan (17) about growing up in Australia, moving to America, family stories, and traditions.

Interviewing my grandmother

During this interview I went over my grandmothers life.

The Perfect Balance

Ali Baghdedi and I talked about life goals, the definition of success, and finding the perfect balance in life!

Mother and Son From Past To Present

This is an interview with my mom Sharon Butler.Where we take a blast to the past we have a little background on her life as a teen to her getting married her first ever reaction to my birth at midnight....