The Top 10 IT Problems that should be solved

As a business visionary, you know that it is so basic to stay with your's data safe. Since your business loses data or another person increases unapproved get to, it can have expansive outcomes, such as bargaining activities and putting...

Austin Barraza and Frank Barraza

Austin Barraza (27) interviews his grandfather Frank Barraza (88) about his life, including his childhood, his career, and his time in the U.S. Air Force.

Austin Barraza and Mary Barraza

Austin Barraza (27) interviews his grandmother Mary Barraza (84) about her life, including her childhood, her parents, and being a mother.

1928 to 2020: John F. McGrew

Growing up in the midwest (Iowa), attending the U.S. Naval Academy (1951), his career in education, and raising a family.

Reclaiming What Was Always Mine, Part 3

This is a series of four parts, in which I share my struggles with anorexia and my mental health challenges, as well as how it affected my sexual identity crises.

Austin Barraza and Roxanne Barraza

Austin Barraza (27) interviews his mom Roxanne Barraza (60) about her life, including her childhood, her parents, and being a mother.

Professional Animated Logo Design at Animation Dok

Animation Dok is professionals providing the best services at cost-effective pricing ranges. We assure all our dedicated customers that the Best Animated Logo Design done by our company will be the optimal result of their initial draft, with flawless designs,...

5 Pros of Network Security Assessments

    In today's technological age, local startups and large corporations alike depend broadly on business networks — and chances are acceptable your company is one of them. However, you may be surprised to learn that many companies are not...

John Friedrich interviews Bob Alpern, Part 5

John Friedrich (55) interviews his friend Bob Alpern (92) about his participation in a protest against a U.S. missiles in Stuttgart, Germany, together with German Green Party leader Petra Kelly and novelist Gunter Grass, as part of his life's work...

Service learning

I interview my mother on the current political climate and how her past expirences and current living situation affect her view points and opinions

Service learning

The corona virus was the main topic of this interview and how it affected the lives of an adult

coronavirus interview with dad

i talk to my dad about his challenges with the coronavirus pandemic

What can you tell me about segregation in Kentucky and California?

I interviewed my father Robert L. Patterson a little over one year before he passed away from cancer in his home in South Carolina. This segment is about his experience over a four year time with segregation in Kentucky and...