First World Problems and Reflecting on Immigrating 35 years Later

We spoke about Edwin’s choice to immigrate to the United States as a young adult and how he feels about it looking back thirty five years later.

Start of WWII Monaca PA

Mother and aunt’s impressions of WWII.

First Term Project

I interviewed my Tia Lilia who immigrated from Ecuador and her experiences of coming here.

Mikkayla Gonzalez – Immigration Interview

My aunt talking about how my grandmother immigrated to the United States.

Creativity for a Lifetime interview with Mary Robertson

We discussed life stories, how creativity has impacted her life, and her own personal history and family.

Immigration project

Interview on the immigration of my grandmother moving from South Korea to America.

How Proofreading Goes Hand In Hand With Research Paper Writing?

You already know that a nicely proof-read research paper and an ordinary piece of document looks way apart. There are many written texts available but the flow, uniqueness, and originality of research paper s different. This is because the students...

Interview with Bryan

Bryan and I talked about life, love and the meaning of.


Random conversations between an Irvine grandma and her granddaughter.


Eugina was great. She had all the right answers

Interviewing my mother

“Always listen to your mother; your mom knows best.”

Nicole Mintiens interviews Tom Gardner

Nicole interviews her father in law with questions picked by her husband (his son).

Professional interview

The childhood and progression to be a doctor

Test upload from v3

Testing interview upload from current live prod build

SOC 210 Interview 1

Talked with Kate Smith and her experiences in social work

Happy Interview

Talked about overall questions for happiness.