interview assignment

Fernando Prieto is 23 years old . These were interview questions for the speech assignment

Interpersonal Interview with Leo <333

This is an interview with my boyfriend of 4 years, Leo. We are both 20 years old and we talk abt our relationship.

Interpersonal Interview

Interpersonal speech class interview with Pratik and Shriya

Jack and Thomas Brand

Going through his dads life, Jack and his dad reflect on the days of his sports and the best memories he has gained from his experiences as a caddy, coach, and everything else.

Interview With My Dad (Joe Dragotta)

I interviewed my dad (Joe Dragotta age 48 at the time) on March 21st 2023 for a public speaking project my senior year of highschool. I asked him questions about influential people and how the course of his life altered...

interview with Dad

A very normal conversation with my dad discussing his life growing up, sports opinions, and even diving into mental health and social media towards the end.

Ezine extra credit

Sheetal Asam from Austin Texas, age 43, Mom of interviewer.

Interviewing (pediatrician) Dr. Flores

In this recording I will be interviewing Dr. Flores (my dad) in which he will be telling me a little bit about his life as a pediatrician and some of the things he experienced and went through to get to...

He’s the funny one out of us.

A interview by Mariyam Khan,22, with her brother Mairaj Ali Khan, 18. this interview is about general questions and how he moved to the US nearly a year ago and how he feels about it.

Hootkin Father Son Talks

Just getting to hear stories from my dad I haven’t heard before.

Interview with Marshall Cook

I interviewed my father over his childhood, work, life, family, and religion.

Interview with Dad

I interview my (dad) Steven Stokelbusch 60 years old. Ask him about his life and what he does for work his family asked him about me and his experience with me.

interpersonal interview for speech

The participants in this interview are the interviewer who is me, Luke Moisan and the person being interviewed Sydney sharp. We are both 19 years old and we are dating. This interview has some questions about Sydney’s life that are...

Peace Education interview

a podcast with the Director of Peace Education at Miriam College.


This interview is of my grandmother Margaret Koch about her life and her memories and her hopes for the future

Jillian Interview

I, Noelle Simons 19 year old, interviewed Jillian Harper 19 years old and we talked about random heavy stuff.

interview with coast guard retiree

I had a conversation with my dad,Drew Doxsee (52). He talked to me about his life in the coast guard and after it. He discussed the importance and impact of the coast guard on his life.

“Never forget where you come from”

Interview in French between Juliette, 17 years old, and my mom, Florence. About her life, the person that influenced her the most and what she would tell the next generations.

Storytelling Assignment

This was an interview between me and my mom.

Immigration LHP

Hannah Jung interviews father about his experience living in America as a Korean American.