Roció and her grandma

Beautiful story of hands In action (her charity)

Interview- Scarlet Cardosa

Personal questions, and getting to know my cousin better

Interview with Jenny (mom)

Me and my mom talked about her struggles raising me and about her feelings while raising me.

Interview with Matthew

Interview with my brother about his job and his life in LA

Interview with my God Mother: Christina Aguilera-Silva

This interview is more family oriented and goes into the depth of my God Mother’s life.

3 months

Recapping the last month and sharing what I look forward to. Happy 3 month birthday my love

Interviewing Darianny

We have talked about different aspects of who we are and what or who has influenced us.

Interview with Hector

With my father we talked about his life with his parents, specifically his father. His father played a huge role into shaping him into who is he today, so we kind of just focused on that i an deeper level.

Interview with Mamá

This interview starts out with some basic questions but mostly focuses on my grandmother’s escape from her religion and Cuba.

Test interview

This interview is private.

Looking back on fond memories

Elizabeth King 24, interviews her father Walton King 55 about her childhood and his parental choices.

Interview with Katiuska

In this interview, I asked my mother questions about her life. I asked her to do this interview because I was curious about certain things in her life.

Interview with Lisette

an interview between a daughter and mother